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Your first band adjustment

Your first band adjustment

Something we have come to realise is that a LOT of people are anxious about their first band adjustment. This is certainly one of those things that I had lost some sleep over in the early days, before I realised what they were really about. After you’ve had your first adjustment you will understand how silly it was to forgo sleep for something so simple. Let me share my experience with you… After my lap band surgery I knew I would be having my first band adjustment  at about 6 weeks. Adjustments are also referred to as fills or top-ups but they are all referring to the procedure whereby the surgeon inserts a needle into the port hidden under the skin and injects or removes a small amount of fluid to adjust the tightness of the band. I had been so excited about the surgery that I did not think about the adjustment, until shortly before that first follow up appointment. Now the reality of having my new band adjusted really hit home. All I could think of was a GIANT needle being put in my belly. I had myself so worked up about it when I arrived at the surgery that I had broken out in a sweat and felt physically ill. I saw the surgeon and we went over how I was doing and he checked that I was feeling well and had healed from surgery. He then asked me to lay on the table and got some gloves and that dreaded needle. This was the point I closed my eyes tight, and clung to the side of the bed like my life depended on it. The surgeon felt for my port site and put a small amount of pressure on the site with his fingers. He then walked away, I assumed to get another medical instrument, or maybe some gauze to catch the copious amounts of blood that were going to be flowing out of my belly. I could hear the humour in his voice as he casually says  “You’re done” My eyes flung open, “What do you mean I’m done?” “All done”  he says and put the tiniest little band-aide on the needle hole.  “See you in a month or so” Well didn’t I feel like a drama queen! There was no real pain to speak of, and it was so quick! I had almost given myself a heart attack…. over THAT. I stood up and pretended like I was very cool and calm, said goodbye and left the room. When I came out to the reception counter I burst out laughing. The girls asked me quizzically  if I ok and what was so funny? I was way too embarrassed to say so just replied “nothing, it’s just me”. After numerous adjustments over the past two years, I still laugh at my early assumption of unending pain and woe accompanying adjustments and I really feel for those that have forgone having lap band surgery for this reason alone. Of course, for any discomfort or concern, always call the clinic to discuss on 1300 934 448 or let the surgeon know you’re feeling anxious beforehand. Good luck!