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Do you want the easy way out ?

Do you want the easy way out ?

Are you looking for the easy way out? Well I am afraid to tell you this isn’t one. Some people have the notion that having weight loss surgery is the “easy” way out or the “cheats” way. This makes me very mad. There is nothing easy about being overweight. Weight loss surgery is not the first option overweight or obese people have tried. Someone doesn’t put on 10 kilos and say “I might have a lap-band” it is years of dieting, health issues and emotional anguish suffered before a person makes the decision to have weight loss surgery, and normally not an easy decision at that. Just because you have weight loss surgery does not mean you have cheated or taken an easy way out. No matter what procedure you have done, the surgery does not buy your food, it does not cook your food, it does not dish up the appropriate size portion. It does not get you out of bed on a cold morning and make you walk around the block. All this is done my YOU. You have decided to have a procedure to better your health and make your life more manageable. We are so lucky in this day and age to have these modern wonders of surgery offered to us. You should not have to justify why you are having surgery or at any time feel like you did it easier than someone that dieted alone. When someone makes this type of ignorant comment to me, I say I have had a procedure to make my LIFE easier. I am sure you also have things to make your life easier, such as your washing machine. So unless the person making judgment on you is heading down the river with their washing they also have things in their life making their life easier and more manageable. -Melanie